Narnia 3D boats

Year: 2010
Development time: 5 weeks
Platform: Flash Player 9

For the movie Narnia Soap created a website of which one part was a 3d boat navigation. The navigation takes place in a sea map of the world in Narnia and has 3D pop up effects in a perspective drawn map. There were several iterations of a boat you could customize including the sail color and logo. Boat animations included wind in the sails as well as a tilting and turn around effect upon moving around the map.

Interactive Boat navigation demo

3D models were created in 3dsMax and featured vertex animations in the sails and flags that were played back in the engine when the boat would move. Because the perspective on the boats (not the map) was in Orthographic view 3d faces of the boat could be drawn in n-gons instead of triangles. This let to more flexible shapes without spending to much overhead on the drawing in the render engine.

Interactive Boat rendering demo