Packer Pro for Unity 3D

Packer Pro is a plugin for Unity3D and at its core is a texture combiner for your 3D models.


By combining multiple textures into one mega-texture you can reduce draw calls dramatically. It also takes the worry of having to pack many objects manually into textures and rearranging them as your models change. Packer Pro works with the free and commercial version of Unity and is available on the Unity asset store.
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We created PackerPro during the development of OTTTD and have since expanded it’s features.packer-pro-screenshot-8_ottd_labs

For OTTTD we used PackerPro to pack the level textures into combined textures to reduce the draw calls at runtime.

For the artists this meant that they didn’t had to worry to much to UV-unwrap to many sub sets of assets into a single texture in advance but rather let PackerPro do the job afterwards.