Btw. also flash related, this weekend is GameJam, I prepared this prototype of Adobe AIR that supports up to 16 game controllers.

I have 3+ xbox360 controllers, 2 SNES USB and some logitech gamepads lying at my desk – and it works flawless

It uses a native process extention in AIR 3.1 which is a way of AIR (AS3 the language in my case) communicating with native compiled executables. Will post some pictures from my camera tomorrow of the hardware setup as it looks kinda crazy.

As for the gameJam I obviously don’t know yet what the theme will be but I want to make a 4 player game with 4 gamepads all hooked into 1 computer.

that’s right, but adobe is working on it to make it work even in the browser. Its actually only available in AIR TV (the AIR version that is bundled with some TV remote hardware boxes). I had to find a different way via the native extensions, will release some code after the GameJam.

gamepad setup with 4 hooked up controllers communicating with Adobe AIR

they are USB SNES gamepads, a co-worker brought them in for me. Each cost around $ 10,- so a cheap bargain. They feel like the real thing and have the same type of buttons but simply connect via USB.
And yes hot days here gotta drink cool stuff.

My GameJam Game this year: Quadroid

This years theme was the Ouroboros snake. The task was to make this game within 48 hours.
I used as prototyped before on the gamepad input: adobe AIR and stage3d hardware acceleration using the starling framework. The game uses booth analog sticks on a xbox controller (walking and aiming). Game mechanics work in that sense that you can attack and shield in only one direction but are exposed on the other side for attacks.

All the motion is scripted (head nudging, particles,..) and I am quite happy with the result.