Tank Blaster

This is actually my very first personal Unity scene and project, but because I am just learning Unity3D I created a scenario and experiment rather than a real or complete game.

My basic ideas were to do something in unity that I know how to do in flash and just to play with a theme that I like (grid based board alike game with tanks). I did something like that before in Flash, so pathfinding, 2d arrays and alike should be piece of cake for me, except that I need to translate it to a new language: C#

Online Demo (DOWN)

(requires the Unity plugin)

The idea is at some point that you can move around a tank and destroy the Soap logo (company that I work as a Gamedev for) in a retro feel. Some screens of the current yet early build:

I’ll be finishing this experiment sometime soon and it will be part of the Soap’s showcase. I hate unity as a editor in many ways which is good because it pushes me more to a edge of writing edtor tools and scripts to fix whats broken or not available in Unity.

Once those scripts are in a stable version I will release them just like I did with TexTools. Most of these scripts in Unity are about selecting multiple objects quicker, snap prefabs, snap rotate them, random offset rotate/ move, shuffle object positions,…

I was pushed into using Tiled (a open source 2d tile editor) for which I wrote some tools to convert the saved XML data to use-able and simplified c# arrays. Though in the end I think using Unity3D itself ONLY with extra scripts might be the better soloution in the end. Unity is pretty much broken as editor itself (bounding box selection, transform multiple elements, object layer management,…) but maybe with version 3.0/3.5 or 4.0 things will be more at the level of Max, Maya and alike.

On the 3dsMax side I also wrote some Tools and Scripts to wrap Prefabs into single FBX files with {0,0,0} based object placements within the file (so having pivots makes actually sense). Some snapping scripts to align verts to global units, so that I can create snappy prefabs that are easy and fun to create a level with. I might release some of that as well for those that are interested in it.

Soap, my company already ordered Unity3 pro for iPad, iPhone and Android and so eventually I will be working a bit more with Unity3d later this year. Exploring the limits on a mobile device such as the iPhone or popular Android phones with tool / pipeline scripting tricks will be fun.

I worked today on a skid mark code that creates a mesh dynamically with fixed UV mapping so that it looks as if it was actually casted by the tank while moving.

The yellow rectangles define the skid sources to draw from. The scripts places a new element to the mesh every certain reached distance.

Worked on some intro screen stuff and a few other things. Will update the online demo sometime soon.