The Chronicle Experience

Year: 2012
Development time: 6 weeks
Platform: Unity3D
Libraries: ZigFu for Kinect

Direct Game Feed

Car Physics

Each car in the game had 3 destruction states and separate parts such as the wheels, hood and the side doors that can detach or slam open when you kick them. Even when a car bumps into another car on their own it will affect the damage state of the cars.

A traffic system gives the illusion of a busy city where cars gets spawned within a pooling system. If cars collide they will stop driving on their path, turn off their back lights and sometimes give a horn sound.

Destruction Effects

Early on we noticed that just destructing or pushing cars around doesn’t give necessarily enough satisfaction so we added more vertical destruction effects such as windows, trees, traffic lights, lamp poles,… On the ground level we have trash bags, cans, containers, phone booths and water hydrants that all have their own effects when you touch or destroy them.

Setting up the Units

A third party company build 2 custom units that would fit in perfectly a big TV panel. When connected to a PC one would have to set up the screen display in Windows to portrait mode or else everything was turned 90 degrees.

First testing